About GWN Marketing

GWN Marketing, Inc. has more than 100 years of experience among its senior staff. GWN has provided common remitting services to nearly 2,000 403(b) employer groups around the country with its flexible platform, secure Internet and ability to provide a consistent level of high-quality service. GWN is also a leader in the technology arena, allowing both employers and employees the opportunity to access accounts and information on an as-desired basis.  

GWN Marketing has expended its services in anticipation of the pending IRS regulations to provide a comprehensive compliance and common remitting program to support the 403(b) plan market. GWN Marketing provides common remitting services on behalf of the plan for all vendors and products approved by the employer as well as providing proactive compliance monitoring on behalf of the plan and participants. These compliance services include:

  • Monitoring of all approved providers and products
  • Transfer monitoring
  • Contribution and catch-up monitoring
  • Hardship distribution approval and deferral suspension notification
  • Loan approval and monitoring
  • Distribution approval
  • RMD notification

Through GWN Marketings full service technology platform, employers have access to current and past contributions (via a secure Web Site) to ensure that the funds have been allocated as instructed. Additionally, employers have access to view all plan transactions and any request denials that have been processed. This functionally allows immediate answers to employers and employees regarding all contributions and transaction processing requests. GWN Marketing further provides employers and employees online access to Plan Documents, Plan Summary Description, Approved Investment Providers and Products, authorized financial representative contact information, as well as transaction processing guidelines and procedures.